Nerd Gingerbread Art

Being a penultimate nerd myself, I would love any of these.  I also love gingerbread, so eating them would be nice too.

20 Deliciously Geeky Pieces Of Gingerbread Art

All I want for Christmas is to stuff these all in my face.

Donna Dickens BuzzFeed Staff
1. AT-AT – “Star Wars”
AT-AT - "Star Wars"

2. The Weasley’s Home – “Harry Potter”

The Weasley's Home - "Harry Potter"

3. Beginner House – “Minecraft”

Beginner House - "Minecraft"

4. Flynn’s Arcade – “Tron”

Flynn's Arcade - "Tron"

5. Minas Tirith – “Lord Of The Rings”

Minas Tirith - "Lord Of The Rings"

6. Bruce Wayne Manor – “Batman”

Bruce Wayne Manor - "Batman"
Source: hendelopticon

7. Ewok Village – “Star Wars’

Ewok Village - "Star Wars'

8. Hogwarts – “Harry Potter”

Hogwarts - "Harry Potter"

9. Companion Cube – “Portal”

Companion Cube - "Portal"

10. Emperor Arrives – “Star Wars”

Emperor Arrives - "Star Wars"

11. Steampunk Dragon – None

Steampunk Dragon - None

12. Peach’s Castle – “Super Mario 64”

Peach's Castle - "Super Mario 64"

13. Hobbit Hole – “Lord Of The Rings”

Hobbit Hole - "Lord Of The Rings"

14. Jack’s House – “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Jack's House - "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

15. TARDIS and Dalek – “Doctor Who”

TARDIS and Dalek - "Doctor Who"

16. Aperture Science Test Chamber – “Portal”

Aperture Science Test Chamber - "Portal"

17. Sandcrawler – “Star Wars”

Sandcrawler - "Star Wars"

18. Hagrid’s Hut – “Harry Potter”

Hagrid's Hut - "Harry Potter"

19. K-9 – “Doctor Who”

K-9 - "Doctor Who"

20. Serenity – “Firefly”

Serenity - "Firefly"


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4 responses to “Nerd Gingerbread Art

  1. This such an amazing collection of pics! Gingerbread innovation. Now we’re hungry (and inspired)!


  2. ameliawestcott

    I especially love the Ewok village, Steampunk dragon, TARDIS and the “Firefly”. Very cool art!


  3. Very impressed with the Wesley house! Structurally amazing, and making me very hungry…


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