There’s more water on Jupiter’s moon Europa than there is on Earth






Excerts from the Article posted on  May 24, 2012  1:30 PM  by Robert T. Gonzalez:

“Remember that image from a few weeks back that showed Earth with all its water gathered up in a sphere beside it? Well here’s that image again, only this time, it also features Jupiter’s moon Europa, along with all of itswater. Notice anything interesting?

Based on data acquired by NASA’s Galileo satellite, astronomers think the global oceans sloshing around beneath Europa’s icy exterior are likely 2—3 times more voluminous than the oceans here on Earth. Not 2—3 times more proportionally, 2—3 times more in total volume.

Yeah. That “little” moon is packing quite the supply of H2O — and with it, scientists think, a significant chance of harboring life.”

It is pretty amazing to me that within in our own solar system there is a moon with so much water on it.  Some have speculated about drilling through the ice and searching for life underneath the frozen surface.  Others about mining it for water.  What would happen if we found a moon with that much oil on it?  Would we have huge oil barges and worry about space spills?

Also, if you look at the globe sans all its water, doesn’t it remind you of the new M&M commercials with the brown M&M they think is naked because it has no shell?  The Earth is meant to be the Big Blue Marble, not the dusty grey ball…


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