Travis Marsala – Young Playwright, Actor, Director and Renaissance Man

I have a few other websites.  This is mine, the one that reflects my very strange mind and my writing.

I am also lucky enough to be the editor at which is a blog devoted to ONLY positive health, wellness and medical news.  No warnings about things that will kill you, only talk about things that are fun and can heal you and keep you healthy.

In addition, I just started up a new website called  At this site, once again, I only have profiles and interviews that are positive.  I am planning to focus on ‘normal people’ around us that are not celebrities or famous, but have pursued a rewarding, creative and productive life.  This can be in the arts, in foster care, charity, public service, education, etc.  The silent heroes who work hard to make our world special.  In my first post I profiled Song River, who is the Photographer behind Cowgirlzen Photography.  In this profile, Song River reciprocated by interviewing and doing a profile on Travis Marsala.  You can read the post here:


If you are interested in health issues, please feel free to follow at

If you are interested in profiles of people, please feel free to follow at


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