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Avondale Writers’ Conference a Big Success

I had the honor to be part of the volunteer staff and help out at the Avondale Writers’ conference on October 29th.  There were a lot of current and aspiring writers present and a very good vibe throughout.  Congratulations to Bob Duckles and the others who pulled off such a flawless event.


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The Travelers’ Club and the Ghost Ship is Out on Kindle

My first published novel, The Travelers’ Club and the Ghost Ship is out on Kindle.  It sells for $4.99 and here is the link to buy it:

The novel is fun and fast paced, like a Steampunk version of Indiana Jones meets Clive Cussler.  Here is a brief description:

is not the 1880 you read about in your history books…

sharpshooter Ashley Cooper fled abroad after the South lost in the War of
Northern Aggression. While selling his services as a mercenary, Ash had no idea
that his chance rescue of a British aristocrat in Afghanistan would lead him to
unimaginable challenges. While facing wily women and difficult travels with his
new friend Lord Reginald Harcourt, Ash will also discover alien technologies, a
world full of foes, and a showdown with zombies and other creatures of nightmare
that will determine the future of mankind.

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Seven of my short stories are in the latest Palo Verde Pages

The Palo Verde Pages is an anthology of short stories that comes out roughly quarterly.   I was honored to have seven of my short stories accepted for publication in Volume 2, Issue 3.  They are available on Kindle or Amazon for 99 cents, or in select valley bookstores for $3 each.  Five of the stories are “tweet fiction” which are stories that can fit into a single tweet, or roughly 140 characters.  The others are tied together, Humanity Won and Humanity Two, which tell two very different stories about the same event.  Both should keep you guessing until the end.  A special thanks to the publishers, editors and selection committee at the Palo Verde Pages for publishing my stories!

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