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51-Foot-Long Fire-Breathing Dragon Is Declared the World’s Largest Walking Robot


A 51-foot-long fire-breathing robotic dragon built by Zollner Elektronik AG of Zandt, Germany was declared the World’s Largest Walking Robot by Guinness World Records. The dragon, which was first displayed in September 2012, has made appearances in plays and fairs around the country.





images via Zollner Elektronik AG

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Cosplay Pictures for Your Weekend

Cosplayer outfits and cosplay for your enjoyment!

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Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving humor
Piet Mondrian

Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving humor
René Magritte

Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving humor
Vincent van Gogh

Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving humor
Pablo Picasso

Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving humor
Jackson Pollock

Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving humor
Georges Seurat

Thanksgiving Special: How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving humor
Andy Warhol

In this fun series of photos titled Thanksgiving Special, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein imagines Thanksgiving dinners as plated by famous artists throughout history. Gravy, corn, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, and even the plate itself is used as a medium for edible artworks in the style of Jackson Pollock, Cindy Sherman, Georges Seurat, and Vincent van Gogh. To see all 10 artworks head over to Rothstein’s website. Prints of the artistic plates are available, and Rothstein is donating 10% of the profits to the SF-Marin Food Bank. (via Coudal, Quipsologies)

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Thanksgiving Sadness

As we see the city of Ferguson burn and have riots at this time most people show thanks puts a bittersweet edge on the day.  Unfortunately, those who would fan the flames of racial tension miss the greater problem of deaths in the black community.

1)  Groups are doing 28 hour protests.  That is because in the US they claim every 28 hours a black person is shot to death by police.  If that is true, that means roughly 350 per year.  Some of those are in shoot outs, some are by police that are black themselves.  Many of them are in protecting people in black neighborhoods.

2) I am sure you have heard the disproportionate amount of blacks who died in Vietnam.  During 13 years of the Vietnam War, 58,000 died, of which 13% or 7,540 were black.

However, how often do you here this:

3) In the last 13 years of records, over 100,000 blacks, mostly women and children, have been killed by other blacks in black neighborhoods?  It is over 13 times more dangerous that you as a black person will be killed by another black person in the United States than it was for you to be killed in combat roles during a War.


4) 56 million fetuses/babies have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade.  Roughly 50% of them were black pregnancies.  That means that 28 million black children were not born, nor were their contributions to society felt, nor were their potential descendants.

Together, black on black murders kill 7,000 to 10,000 blacks per year, while roughly 1 million black children are aborted per year.  It is a holocaust that so outstrips the death of one man in Ferguson, and yet no one talks about it.

We need to help our black communities with education, job opportunities and safety.  Yes there are some bad officers.  However, most of those officers, of any race, are trying to protect people in those communities knowing they are in constant danger of both being hurt and killed, and of being accused of excessive force or racism.  Poor Asian communities, poor white communities, poor hispanic communities all suffer the same.  It is not a racial issue, it is an issue of ending our urban poverty zones where crime and violence run rampant.


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1863: Stokes Illustrated Almanac of Fashion (Middle of Civil War, includes Military and Civilian Wear)

SOURCE: US National Archives

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Deep Sea Explorers Stumble Upon A Creature They Can Hardly Believe Is Real

July 8, 2014 | by Stephen Messenger

photo credit: Nautilus Live

While there are no shortage of wacky ideas in science fiction about what creatures from other planets might look like, many weird and remarkable creatures can actually be found right here on Earth.

Recently, a team from the Nautilus Live expedition piloting a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) happened upon one of the most fascinating-looking lifeforms in the world: a rare, purple siphonophore roving through the ocean’s depths. Even the experienced deep sea explorers, well-acquainted with the marine animals, had a hard time accepting that what they were seeing was really real.

“Wow. Okay, that’s awesome,” says one ROV operator. “I can’t believe that’s a living thing.”

Amazingly, although this appears to be a single jellyfish-like animal, it is in fact a roving colony made up of thousands of individual organisms, called zooids, each contributing to the whole. However, more than just its otherworldly shape, this specimen’s purple coloring is said to be rather unusual as well.

Deep Sea News writer R.R. Helm calls it a “shocking shade”, remarking that this footage truly stands out.

“To me, the best part of science is stuff like this: seeing something that completely takes my breath away. Even after studying animals like this for the last five years, this video has me in awe. The animal captured in this footage, simply put, is stunning,” wrote Helm.

This article was provided by our partners at To read the original article, gohere. Follow them on Facebook here and check out their website here.

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Dog Shaming for Your Monday Blues…

As a favor for my friend Diane, this week we are focusing on dog shaming pictures.  Enjoy!

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Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us

We love our dogs.

In the 30,000 years humans and dogs have lived together, man’s best friend has only become a more popular and beloved pet. Today, dogs are a fixture in almost 50% of American households.

From the way dogs thump their tails, invade our laps and steal our pillows, it certainly seems like they love us back. But since dogs can’t tell us what’s going on inside their furry heads, can we ever be sure?

Actually, yes. Thanks to recent developments in brain imaging technology, we’re starting to get a better picture of the happenings inside the canine cranium.

That’s right — scientists are actually studying the brains of dogs. And what the studies show is welcome news for all dog owners: Not only do dogs seem to love us back, they actually see us as their family. It turns out that dogs rely on humans more than they do their own kind for affection, protection and everything in between.

Dogs gathered around MRI scanner MR Research Center in Budapest. Image Credit: Borbala Ferenczy

The most direct brain-based evidence that dogs are hopelessly devoted to humans comes from a recentneuroimaging study about odor processing in the dog brain. Animal cognition scientists at Emory University trained dogs to lie still in an MRI machine and used fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to measure their neural responses to the smell of people and dogs, both familiar and unknown. Because dogs navigate the world through their noses, the way they process smell offers a lot of potential insight into social behavior.

The scientists found that dog owners’ aroma actually sparked activation in the “reward center” of their brains, called the caudate nucleus. Of all the wafting smells to take in, dogs actually prioritized the hint of humans over anything or anyone else.

These results jibe with other canine neuroimaging research. In Budapest, researchers at Eotvos Lorand University studied canine brain activity in response to different human and dog sounds, including voices, barks and the meaningful grunts and sighs both species emit. Before this study, we had no idea what happens inside canine brains when humans make noise.

Among other surprising findings, the study revealed marked similarities in the way dog and human brains process emotionally laden vocal sounds. Researchers found that happy sounds in particular light up the auditory cortex in both species. This commonality speaks to the uniquely strong communication system underlying the dog-human bond.

In short: Dogs don’t just seem to pick up on our subtle mood changes — they are actually physically wired to pick up on them.

“It’s very interesting to understand the tool kit that helps such successful vocal communication between two species,” Attila Andics, a neuroscientist and lead author of the study, told Mic. “We didn’t need neuroimaging to see that communication works [between dogs and people], but without it, we didn’t understand why it works. Now we’re really starting to.”

Dog waiting to be scanned at MR Research Center in Budapest. Image Credit: Borbala Ferenczy.

Behavior research supports the recent neuroscience too. According to Andics, dogs interact with their human caregivers in the same way babies do their parents. When dogs are scared or worried, they run to their owners, just as distressed toddlers make a beeline for their parents. This is in stark contrast to other domesticated animals: Petrified cats, as well as horses, will run away.

Dogs are also the only non-primate animal to look people in the eyes. This is something Andics, along with other researchers, discovered about a decade ago when he studied the domestication of wolves, which he thought would share that trait. They endeavored to raise wolves like dogs. This is a unique behavior between dogs and humans — dogs seek out eye contact from people, but not their biological dog parents.

“Bonding with owners is much more important for dogs than other pets,” said Andics.

Image Credit: Getty

Scientists have also looked at the dog-human relationship from the other direction. As it turns out, people reciprocate dogs’ strong feelings. In a study published in PLOS One in October, Massachusetts General Hospital researchers measured human brain activity in response to photos of dogs and children. Study participants were women who’d had dogs and babies for at least two years. Both types of photos sparked activity in brain regions associated with emotion, reward, affiliation, visual processing and social interaction. Basically, both furry and (typically) less-furry family members make us equally happy.

Dog-lovers have committed a few notable gaffes in interpreting dogs’ facial expressions, e.g., assuming the often-documented hangdog look signifies guilt, an emotion that, most behavior experts agree, requires a multifaceted notion of self-awareness that dogs probably don’t have.

But, as with family, our instinctive hunches about dog behavior are often correct.

“Sometimes our intuition about what’s going on inside dogs’ heads is dead-on,” said Laurie Santos, the lead researcher at Yale’s Canine Cognition Center. “Like, that dogs are seeking out help from us — and that’s true based on studies — which is different from even their closest relatives, wolves.”

The precise wish or worry lurking in a dog’s doleful look may not always be clear. But we can relish the fact that we know our pets love us as much as we hoped, maybe even more. Even if they’re not full-fledged children, they see us as family. And to us? Well, they’ll always be our babies.

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Disfigured man is growing his new face on his chest

 A Chinese man, who was severely disfigured when he was electrocuted, hopes the growing “head” bulging from his chest will eventually become his new face.

Yan Jianbin sustained serious facial burns and lost an eye and his nose after he opened the door of a high-voltage transformer, according to the Daily Mail.

Doctors at Shenyang Army General Hospital, in Liaoning Province, began a procedure six months ago to stretch the skin on his chest by injecting saline water to create a head-shaped mound.

Plastic surgeons plan to create new facial features and then attach the stretched skin to his face in a five stage procedure that will take two years to complete.

The first two stages of the groundbreaking procedure involves creating a new nose using part of his rib cartilage.

In the third phase, they will create new blood vessels and arteries.

The fourth phase will be the face transplant. The final phase will consist of fine-tuning the new face.

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Cosplay Pictures for The Weekend

Here are some great cosplay pictures.  If you like them, please feel free to follow their pages.  It takes them tons of time and money to put these together.  Give them some encouragement!

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