Current Projects

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The Travelers’ Club – Fire and Ash – The second book in the Travelers’ Club series and a follow-up to The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship, now available on Kindle and in the store here on the website.   In this story Ash must confront his past as he travels back to him home town of Baltimore, Maryland at the end of 1880, some 16 years after he left home for good.  This time, his friend Lord Reginald Harcourt is the fish out of water, having to deal with colonials.  They have new members of the Travelers’ Club along for the ride, along with many amazing adventures as they once again confront wily women, human adversaries, and the unknown.  Available now!

Twisted Nightmares – An anthology of horror stories selected from submissions from many authors.  As with Twisted History, the expectation is that some stories will be by horror writers while others will be writing out of their genres, giving a “twist” to the subject.  Available now!

Blood Bank – Not your sparkly vampires at all.  In this novel William believes he is the only non-bitten human left in the world.  He spent his entire life raised by vampires to run their blood bank and keep track of deposits and withdrawals.  One day, young Shawna, a human who grew up in the wild is dropped into his prison for companionship.  Neither William nor Shawna really understand the world in which they live and they both become unwitting pawns in a final power play by their vampire Overlords.  First in a planned three book series.

Twisted Futures – An anthology of both dystopian and utopian views of the future. This collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry will be more heavily weighted to my own work.  The former two Twisted series anthologies include five stories each of mine, the remainder from other authors.  This volume has exclusively stories by yours truly.

Current Novel Projects include:

The Travelers’ Club and the Lost Temple – The third book in the Travelers’ Club Series.  About half-way completed.

The Travelers’ Club and Tesla’s War – The fourth book in the Travelers’ Club Series.

The Travelers’ Club and the Center of the Earth- The fifth book in the Travelers’ Club Series.

Entwined – Two men are born on the same day, both their mothers dying in child birth.  Both are destined for greatness, both are destined to live opposite sides of a single coin, and in the end, one must kill the other to determine the fate of the world.  Set in a medieval time frame, these two men must confront their special natures and the fears of the normal folk around them.

The Second Civil War – Set in 2024, it is a cautionary tale of what may happen to America in the future if certain issues are not resolved.  Told by the individual tales of the individuals affected, it reveals the corrupt underbelly of modern political campaigns, the passions of people on either sides of issues, and what can happen to America in the near future.  Halfway there…

The Last Stygian – The first in a trilogy exploring the life of Acelis, a royal prince of the proud planet Stygia.  After going on a jaunt in his new custom space ship he returns to find his planet utterly destroyed.  Plagued by depression and guilt, he slowly pieces together a ragtag crew of aliens and turns to piracy.  As he regains his sanity, his guilt turns to hatred and he vows to avenge his destroyed people.  However, the odds are impossible, and he finds that he has traitors even among his small crew.

The Flames of Allah – Set in the near future, jihadists cells buried deep in the United States put to action an unusual terrorist plot which catches authorities by surprise.  This is the first in a series of futuristic intrigue novels, but each will stand alone.

The Grand Dragon Rising – Set in the near future, with shifting geo-politics, population and influence, Asia makes its move to take back leadership of the world from the West.

Growing Up Poor White Trash – My own memoirs.  This will be a difficult project to complete and hopefully people will not hate me forever if they are mentioned.  It will also be written in first person and as a memory, so it will be a new style for me to master.

In the Name of The King – Set in 1493, it is an historical novel that explores the true dynamics of the battle between Catholic and Heretic, Christian and Muslim, and Christian and Prostestant, with the Jewish population caught in the middle following the reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula.  It is not a tale of religion or history though, it is a story of each of our personal struggles to understand love, belief and our place in the world.  The lead character introduces himself, “My name is Miguel Vengador.  I do these things in the name of King Ferdinand II of Aragón and Queen Isabella of Castile.  I am the la Negro Mano, the Black Hand.”

Lord of the Manor – In a small, forgotten medieval village people live out their lives attempting to have moments of happiness, only to have their will and their very existence toyed with at the whims of a sadistic young lord.  In a feudalistic society that has existed for hundreds of years, and will for hundreds more, what are poor peasants to do?  This might be the first of series of stories.

Current Short Stories and Poetry Projects –

Her Majesty’s Esteemed Armourer –  A lengthy short story that tells of Huberous Battelwaithe, the unlikeable creator of many military inventions.  He gets to show his true mettle in a Zulu uprising in 1880, but things are not what he expects.  This short story is included as an Epilogue in The Travelers’ Club – Fire And Ash, on sale now!

Exodus – A sci-fi twist on the familiar story of Moses as he is raised by the Egyptians though he is an Israelite and how he ultimately chooses to lead his true people out of bondage.  But things don’t work out quite the same way…Currently, under submission.

Choices That Mattered – A collection of short stories that are non-fiction, telling of individual choices which shaped history.

People behind the Politics – A collection of short biographies of politicians that talk about every thing except their politics.

Dog Stories – A collection of short stories about our favorite critters.

Room 427 – Coming out soon, I have a story in this anthology to be published by Andrew Terech.  It should be out soon as it is in final edits.  The title of my short story is The Ghost Hunters.

Magazine Articles, Reviews, etc.

Book reviews – Each month I am reviewing roughly four novels, or about one per week, which is my normal reading speed.  The publications I work for receive thousands of pre-release books so please do not send me any, I have way too many to ever get through as it is.   The one advantage is getting free advanced copies of genres I really like to read.

Movie reviews – I have posted a few movie reviews here as a sample.  I have dropped down to about one per month or two.  Mainly because I find I am more of a movie critic than a reviewer.  Very few movies put in the effort to bring you your money’s worth so I try to only see and review ones I expect to be decent.  For November 2013 I am reviewing Ender’s Game and the second Thor movie.

Interviews – I just finished some interviews the last few months with cosplayers such as Toni Darling and Cassandra S. Kyle.  I also started up a new blog called  The purpose is to highlight exceptional people that are neither famous nor celebrities.  The first interview I posted there was with Song River of Cowgirlzen Photography.  Upcoming interviews will include Cara Nicole aka AZ Powergirl, as well as the Superintendent of a school district who has worked there for 42 years.  I am also setting up interviews with others in the community.

Science – After writing some primers on Dark Matter, 3D Printers, relativity and other hard science topics, I have turned my focus back to more science fiction.  My favorite was a mix of the two that explained how you die every time you get into a transporter in Star Trek.  I posted a copy of that to this blog if you are interested.

Flash Fiction and Shorts – I enjoy writing flash fiction in between the long slogs knocking out chapters of novels.  As a result, I am writing up a storm to include a lot of these musing in Twisted Futures.  So far, my proof readers like the stories but are coming to suspect all might not be right inside my head – if they only knew…



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