The Double Whammie!

Just had the double whammie – my wedding anniversary and my wife’s birthday, both just three days apart.  It was our 27th Wedding Anniversary and she is now – well she is forever young.  I started calling it the double whammie early in our marriage because despite being so close together, two distinct gifts are always needed for the spouse.  My wife got mad at me a few years back when I was referring to it as “her wedding anniversary” instead of “our wedding anniversary.”  My response was that if it was “our wedding anniversary,” why was she the only one that got a gift?  This year we did the couples’ massage together, so it was a joint gift.  For her birthday, we went to dinner with our close friends at the White Chocolate Grill and saw the movie, “In Time.”  She also got a new fluffy robe since the temperature has finally dropped here in Phoenix.

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