DarkCon was a Lot of Fun!

DarkCon just wrapped up at the Mesa Marriott Convention Center.  My reading went well on Saturday, but I was stuck in a room off from the regular part of the event, next to the hospitality suite, so I think a lot of people missed it.  Also, since I was a late addition, all it said in the program was – Michael Bradley – Reading.  Oh well, the people who showed up got a free signed copy of my book.  I also had the pleasure of meeting another person who had read my book and liked it, and his wife had liked it as well.  I did not think about it at the time, as a few of us talked for a good 90 minutes after my event ended, but one thing made me feel especially good.  The person who read the book and came to get his copy signed was from England.  Afterwards, I was glad I must have got my research correct because he mentioned the behavior of the English aristocracy in my book was very accurate.  Cool!

My wife and I are both fans as well as my writing steampunk, so we had fun hanging out as well.  We played two games, one was Time Renegades: Mission, which was new for her, but I had played the Time Renegades: Arena at Phoenix ComicCon.  You can find the game information here:  http://timerenegades.com/

We also played Fortune and Glory, which was very fun and has you travel the globe as adventurers seeking lost treasures and fighting nazis, a zeppelin and monsters.  Both of the game masters were fun and did a good job.  You can find the game information here:  http://www.flyingfrog.net/fortuneandglory/fang_about.html

I had a very embarrassing moment.  As we were looking through the wares of the various vendors, we came across Ernie Hudson, who is famous of course as the fourth Ghostbuster.  I struck up a conversation with him and I think he was a bit bored as there were not that many people around at the time.  I don’t know why, but I asked if he was also on Designing Women, a show I have never watched, but somehow that dumb question left my lips with nary a thought.  Ernie Hudson rolled his eyes and informed me that was Meshach Taylor, a fellow actor that often got confused with him.  He said they had once taken a picture with each other and laughed about it.  I felt about one inch tall, made some awkward, thanks for talking to me small talk, and shrunk away.  Also at the event was actress Meg Foster, who my wife did not recognize, which made me laugh.  Later she saw some old screen shots of her in various roles and remembered her.  Both Meg and Ernie looked in great shape.

Thank you Stormcrow and all the other folks at the Dark Ones and DarkCon for inviting me to present.  I really appreciate it!

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