The Avengers Movie! Just Saw It!

Don’t worry, I have no spoilers here.  I hate when people give away the plot, etc.  I just want to say I was VERY happy with the film.  Going in, I had my doubts that such an ensemble cast would be manageable.  After all, several have had their own movies.  Thor, Captain America, two Iron Man movies, several poorly done Hulk movies and the old Hulk TV series, not to mention Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlet Johansen and the lesser know Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner.  How many movies have Gwyneth Paltrow as maybe actor number 12 in a movie?









Handling so many celebrity actors and characters I thought would be nigh impossible.  However, the director, screenwriter and editors are to be highly commended.  Each is well done without any receiving glossing over or one or two stealing the show.  The action is pretty much non-stop but each hero gets to reveal their character and stay true to the canon for the fan base.  At one point, I was concerned the movie would be part 1 and part 2, like Kill Bill, because the first part takes so long, you wonder just how much more can happen.   However, the film apparently lasts for 143 minutes, where your normal film is around 93 minutes.  I could have sat there for another 3 hours it was that entertaining.

The Avengers is well worth the money to go see.  There are tons of special effects, witticisms that get the crowd to laugh, as well as lots of tension and fun.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars and thank the producters for giving us a great 143 minute film instead of an overedited 93 minute film that would have sucked.

ALSO – As with most Marvel films – stay past the credits so you can see the last few minutes of the film as a teaser for what happens next.  Half the people at our showing left and missed out on it.  Just stay in your seat the extra 5 minutes – trust me.


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  1. Alex

    Amazingly, despite seeing it opening night and, therefore, obviously in the presence of many fans, about a quarter of my theatre got up and walked out early. We, being the gentlemen we are, were courteous enough to point at each one and yell, “NOOBS!” on their way out.

    P.s. If you missed it, there is an after-the-credits-following-the-special-extra-scene extra scene, too, which was good for a laugh.


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