I am now a Goodreads Author

I just joined Goodreads.com as an author and posted two of my books to it.  If you are a member, and you have read either or both of my books, please feel free to rate them.  I must say I had a very pleasant experience with the Goodreads staff.  I sent them an email that I was unsure how to load my books and sent them the ISBN numbers and they did it all for me in a few hours.  Then I told them thank you and I would be joining as an author.  Ten minutes later, they had done that for me too.  I have never seen such good service before.  Thanks to the people at Goodreads and for all of you who take the time to comment on my book(s).

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  1. writerwilke

    Welcome to the… herd? Seriously, though… It’s a nice resource for avid readers and book clubs.


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