The “Big Six” Publishing Houses

As an author I always hear about the big six houses, but being out here in Arizona, I never really knew which six they were referring to.  It is funny, because I am not the only one, but when someone says “the big six” we all nod as if we know.  It is further complicated in that many publishing houses use different names for different types of books, so you might think it is another publisher, but it is a division of one of the big six.  So, as usual, I did some research so I would know for sure.  Here it is for me, and fellow authors who wonder.

Hachette Book Group

A profile of Hachette Book Group USA (HBGUSA for short), which is owned by French company Hachette Livre.


This house, under the News Corp umbrella, is based in midtown Manhattan and publishes a lengthy list of bestsellers


A profile of the publishing house, Macmillan.

Penguin Group

A profile of he second largest trade book publisher in the world.

Random House

One of the biggest publishing houses on the block, Random House is a subsidiary of media conglomerate, Bertelsmann.

Simon & Schuster

Another member of the “big six,” the major trade house based in NYC goes back to the early 1920s and was home to one of the industry’s most famous editors, Maxwell Perkins.
Yes folks, those are the golden gooses, the Holy Grails, the Arc of the Covenant.  The mighty houses we all yearn to accept our awesome stories.  Although I am also independently published as well, one day…one day…

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