We Will All Be Androids Soon

I now have 14 inches of titanium, plastic and ceramic instead of a left hip, joint and femur.  Millions have artificial limbs, some mechanical hearts or metallic stints in their veins.  Increasingly we add mechanical devices internally and externally to our bodies in order to modify or heal them for the better.  This melding of human and machine is likely to accelerate over the next twenty to forty years.  You might not recognize your grandchildren as humans.

Here is the latest – LED contact lenses that enhance your sight, can allow you to see in darkness, and can even show you movies and photos onto your eye instead of a screen.  This is not the future, this is NOW.

LED Lights Make Augmented Vision a Reality

 | January 14th, 2011
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Okay, this is just freaky. We know LED lights are versatile enough to be used for practically anything, but LED contact lenses? Really?! Yes, as it turns out, really. University of Washington researchers have figured out how to implant semitransparent red and blue LED lights in contact lenses, for the purpose of receiving and displaying data in sharp visual images and video. This means wearers will literally be able to watch TV or view photos that are projected directly onto their eyeballs.

Once miniature green LEDs are developed (and they’re in the works, as of now), full color displays will be possible. Once that happens, the possibilities are endless. Think about everything your smart phone can do right now, and imagine the same being possible for your eyeball. This news is a little scary and a lot fascinating, if you ask me—at the very least, with LED contact lenses, your hands would be free to pet your robot or tinker with your hover board.

Lead researcher Babak Parvis comments “You won’t necessarily have to shift your focus to see the image generated by the contact lens,” it would just appear in front of you and your view of the real world will be completely unobstructed when the display is turned off.









Ah, the real world. With augmented reality becoming a reality, it feels like the real world is fast becoming a relic of the past.

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One response to “We Will All Be Androids Soon

  1. Alex

    That’s incredible. Once they have the green ones and integrate it with Netflix, count me in. 🙂


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