Kate Upton called Fat – What an Outrage!

Kate Upton was accused by bloggers of being a fat pig. I am so angry. She is one of the most naturally beautiful and proportioned people I have ever seen in my life. What do people want? For women to look like Holocaust victims? She also just turned 20 last month, and such words can be very hurtful. People forget she is just a kid at 20 and since she is a public figure they think they can say whatever. Her fellow models came out against her because she has had no plastic surgery at all. Something has to be done about these ridiculous claims that women are overweight. Last year it was Jennifer Love Hewitt, another perfectly made curvaceous woman with no artificial surgery. Join me when you hear such outrage in telling people that weighing under 100 pounds at 5’10” is ridiculous.  Kate Upton is 5’10” and only 125 pounds.

The model was recently the target of a “thinsparation” blogger, who attacked the Sports Illustrated model on her site SkinnyGossip.com calling her “thick, vulgar, almost pornographic.”  Kate Upton responded, “I’m not going to starve just to be thin.”  Good for her for saying that, but she IS thin.  If human beings can’t see that we have a strange society.  Nearly half of us overweight, an epidemic of diabetes, but Kate Upton is fat?  Stop the Madness!

Kate Upton: ‘I’m Not Going To Starve Just To Be Thin’

Fat? Are you Kidding Me?

Fat? Are You Crazy?



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3 responses to “Kate Upton called Fat – What an Outrage!

  1. ameliawestcott

    Could it be jealousy on the part of these bloggers and other models? I actually think she looks too thin already in the above picture. It’s just madness to say someone that beautiful and thin is “fat”. There needs to be a happy medium in our society between what fat and too thin is.


  2. evelinenow

    We swim in a society where hurting others is a tool we use to validate ourselves. Fat or skinny, in public or private live humans are delicate because they feel. I see a need to teach people the arts of tolerance and acceptance with a follow up on consequence. Perhaps, upon such learning the new student would go deeper and learn to keep opinions to matters that regard only them. Ultimately, such teaching would permit the realization that one does not control who and what other people are.
    We seem to forget that all that we do or say, all that we imply return to us, perhaps ten fold.


  3. writerwilke

    This is total crazy sauce. It always pisses me off when people are hyper critical of other people’s appearance like this. I would say that these people have a problem with anyone who’s body is not a work of art, but I think the case is that they are plain delusional. Kate’s body is amazing as is.


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