Very Odd Things I Would Like to Have

Here are some odds and ends of things I would like to have mostly because they are cool for me as a sci-fi fan.  See if you agree, or if I am just strange, which is always a strong possibility…

Personal Intruder Protection – Slow But Reliable, Lives over a hundred years, works for carrots and lettuce.

Your own carbonite encased foe. I have some people in mind other than Han Solo. Don’t you have someone you would love to stare down on in triumph while doing your morning blogging?

Bacon and eggs and awesome!

To know there is someone even more “corny” than I am.

Heaven SWAG. The best convention ever, God is the main guest, all the best people are there – AND you get SWAG!

I am afraid of heights, but I think I could get over it with my own jet pack.

No photo radar. Only super models in short police outfits can give you tickets. Makes speeding tickets almost ok. I have been pulled over for speeding 24 times and received around 35 photo radar tickets. Luckily, the photo radar were all other people using my car. (that is actually true).

Forget Octomom, I want Octocar! Travel in style with your own unique historical wheels.

My own moving, fire breathing, snow capped mountain. Yeah, I think the neighbors would leave me be.

My own Imperial Star Destroyer Space Yacht. For those days when you are bored and want to hop over to Yavin IV and freak out some rebels.


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