ConNotations Newszine Volume 23, Issue 2 Is Out!

I have five things in there.  The staff and the Editor Patti Hulstrand were kind enough to first add me as a staff writer, now as a columnist.  I have a non-fiction piece on theories of astro-physicists on the beginning of the universe, two book reviews, a movie to book comparison, and a mention of my upcoming book signing at The Book Rack on September 8, 2012 from 11 am to 2 pm.  The Book Rack is located on Signal Butte Road off I-60 in East Mesa, Arizona.

You can check out this edition by going here:

Then you can scroll to the bottom, and click enlarge to open the document in Adobe Reader.

It is a great publication that not only has interesting stories, but the advertisements tell you about all sorts of cool conventions coming up and places that sell unique products that us science fiction fans love.  Thanks to Patti Hulstrand and the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society for such a great publication and letting me be a part of it for each of the last dozen or so issues.



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3 responses to “ConNotations Newszine Volume 23, Issue 2 Is Out!

  1. Every writer should have a pal that continuously reaches for the stars. Michael Bradley is one of those, now in my special file under “F” for friend he is also under “B” for benevolent. He took it upon himself to help me with my endeavors as a writer. A man well engaged in his craft, Michael will bring Connotations a flavor all speculative fiction writers will follow. Congratulation Michael.


  2. This is actually Volume 22, Issue 4. Unless this issue has been lofted into some time rift I don’t know about. If so…then Volume 23, Issue 2 may be correct.


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