Another 23 year old Olympics Athlete Banned for Tweet – This One Should Have Been

I had my doubts about the tweet sent out by the Greek triple jumper, but this tweet is obviously racist hate speech.

Less than a week into the 2012 London Olympics and already two athletes have been expelled for racially charged messages. Monday, the Swiss Olympic Committee bounced soccer player Michel Morganella, 23, after his offensive comment following Switzerland’s 2-1 loss to South Korea a day earlier.

Translated from French, Morganella’s tweet said he wanted to beat up South Koreans, that they should “burn” and that they were a “bunch of mongoloids.”

I couldn’t agree more that should not be tolerated.

Eight more badminton players, of all sports, were banned for intentionally losing their match so they could get a more favorable seed.

More and more, it seems each Olympics has its own controversies.



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3 responses to “Another 23 year old Olympics Athlete Banned for Tweet – This One Should Have Been

  1. writerwilke

    This is terrible. I’m so tired of all the hate. People need to keep their opinions to themselves and let everyone else do their own thing or be their own person.


    • I couldn’t agree more. I have enough problems of my own. The Bible says, “They shall know you by your love,” and that whatever standard you use to judge others, will be applied to you. Everyone in this world has a tough enough time without their fellow humans causing them more harm. It is even more frightening to me that a Swiss person said this, as there is an unhealthy upswing in fascist Aryan beliefs in central Europe again in Germany and the surrounding countries. I hope this person is the exception, and not part of a trend in their young people.


  2. ameliawestcott

    I’m glad that this guy was banned from the Olympics. Hopefully, he will be an example to others who think they can get away with this type of unacceptable behavior.


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