You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Be a Fan!

Just a reminder to all you great blog readers that I am in fact a full time author.  The great news for you is that if you bought EVERYTHING I produce each year, it will cost you less than a movie.  For a movie, you get around 90 minutes of possible fun.  Each of my novels is about ten hours of solid fun, what a value.  Right now, Twisted History is just 99 cents on Kindle!  Twisted History includes stories from several local authors who got into it through an anonymous submission process.  I was lucky enough to have five stories selected.  Or, you can buy the full length novel The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship for just $3.99 on Kindle today!  That is right, as an author, I can only produce three or four books per year.  You can be my best friend for only around $20 a year.  I promise I will give my heart and soul to making each book enjoyable for you.  What a bargain?  My next book is due out soon, delayed by my recent surgeries.  It will be The Travelers’ Club – Fire and Ash, Book 2 of the series.  Please remember to check out the store once in awhile, or look for me on Kindle.  I promise you will enjoy yourself and I will never cost you much in return.  🙂

Please remember that if you like what you read, taking the time to post a review on Kindle, Amazon, Goodreads, or even your own Facebook page is most appreciated.  If you hate what you read, feel free to keep that to yourself.  🙂


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