Sarah Schwartz – Well Loved Friend and Family Member Has Passed Beyond

There is a new star in the sky and a new Angel in Heaven.  Lovely, sweet, playful Sarah Schwartz, taken from us at such a young age.  Unfortunately, I knew her only in passing through the cosplay community, fan conventions and Facebook.  To some she went by the moniker Caribean Sera for her cosplay name.  Her great lively spirit was such that it reached out even in those brief moments to let you know she was a truly great soul.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who loved her and knew her, that their grief be not too great to bear.  

This post was posted on Facebook, followed by a short post announcing her passing.

Dear Ones 
Sarah has asked me to write these words to let you know what is happening. As you know, Sarah has been fighting a seven year battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. This cancer has been relentless but so has Sarah, nearly 24 months ago they said she had only weeks to live. You all know how determined she is! 
Sarah has been unable to move on her own and is not eating and her weight is dropping quickly. Over the last two weeks, she had lost some feeling in her hands and feet. She has also shown some signs that she may have had a slight seizure. Many of these things have happened before but not to this extent. She is thankfully not having any pain. The lymph node swelling in her neck has gone down and she is resting well but is unresponsive. We believe she is under the best care possible with Hospice of the Valley and she will remain at home.
As you all know, Sarah has a “warriors spirit” as our pastor Kurt would say, but now is the hard part, she truly has days not weeks. She has chosen not to have artificial life support. Believe me when I tell you that as a mother this is the most difficult and most blessed time in my life. I have been so honored to have such a beautiful and courageous young woman as my daughter. 
Sarah knows that the Lord has the perfect design for her life and she has lived a blessed life. She wants you all to know that she loves you and I want to thank you for your prayers and support. We continue to be amazed at the love we have been given.
God bless to each and all
Love Sandy

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