Town Appears from Alternative Universe

Draft Back Story…






The occurrence of a class 5 time space vortex quantum singularity has been confirmed in the environs outside of Tucson, Arizona.  Codename HG Wells has been assigned for all communications.

In accordance with sealed Presidential Directive 8-b, the area has been cordoned off to prevent entry or exit from the area.  The vortex is limited to an area of approximately three square miles.  So far quarantine protocols have been effective, however, the longer the vortex remains unclosed the increased danger that the overlap in alternate universes will either expand, or our own universe will diverge from its natural path.

On or about two weeks ago, the event started with a strange rumbling and the appearance of blurred lights outside of the City of Tucson.  In the middle of an undeveloped area of the Sonoran desert, an entire town materialized.  Initial analysis shows that while the town is consistent with those found in America during the nineteenth century and the inhabitants appear in many ways to conform to Victorian and Wild West periods of our universe from around 1830 to 1890, there are significant variances.

The people of the town are unaware of our modern world and have technology created on advanced steam theory and machinery not available in our own timeline.  While we have long theorized through astrophysics of membrane theory that multiple universes exist and occasionally bump or influence each other, this is the first visible proof.  For reference purposes our universe as we know it is designated Alpha One.  The people and town that have appeared have been designated to be from alternate universe and timeline Beta Two.  They appear to be in most respects human and unaware of their transposition from Beta Two into Alpha One.

Initial investigation has led to two working theories:  1) A device with technology unknown to us accidentally transported the city to this universe and broke, leaving it unable to reverse the process; or 2) someone intentionally used the device to move the city and has hidden the device or disabled to prevent their return.  Our investigators have been unable to determine the location of the device or how to return Beta Two citizens to their own parallel universe.

The problem is that to reveal our existence as Alpha One citizens may endanger the safe return of Beta Two citizens and cause irreparable harm to both universes.  Dr. Moriarty J. Verne, Professor of Astrophysics, has studied this phenomenon and came up with an unusual yet workable plan on solving this problem.

His plan is to provide a cover story that the Beta Two town is in fact the site of a “steampunk convention” and a movie set.  The Beta Two residents will be viewed as “actors” immersed in their part.  Guest will be invited to help “investigate” thinking they are simply having fun with a convention gimmick.  Professor Verne believes that while most of us Alpha One residents are blinded to the truth of the situation, that steampunk fans have a special connection to Beta Two thinking that will allow them to get to the bottom of what happened.

Professor Verne feels their may be some cross-universal psychic connection that has imbedded the desire to dress as “steampunk” characters in certain psychically sensitive free thinkers in the Alpha One universe that is directly related to the parallel Beta Two universe.  By allowing these people to visit the town, he believes they will succeed where non-psychically connected investigators have failed.

The cover story includes creating a Steampunk Convention entitled, Wild West Con 2 at the Old Tucson Studios.  Ticket buyers will then circulate amongst the Beta Two inhabitants, dressed similarly so as not to raise suspicion or interfere with the timelines.  Each will be asked to “investigate” in exchange for prizes.  The results of their inquiries will be turned into Professor Verne, dressed in disguise to blend in.  After the three day event, these investigative notes can then be used to solve the mystery and return the Beta Two inhabitants and their city back to the appropriate universe.

If all goes well, no one will ever be the wiser.  If it fails, we have prepared a special compound in Area 51 in which to forcibly relocate the Beta Two citizens and their town.


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