McRib Coming Back

I personally find the McRib very McDisgusting.  It seems like mystery meat with heavy sauce.  However, the McRib is immensely popular and one of the most searched for items on the Internet when it is coming out.  Scary really, that American society places more importance on the return of the McRib than on foreign policy.  I will try to find out what exactly is in a McRib and post it later.  I am also not sure, when it is so popular, why McDonalds does not simply ALWAYS offer the McRib.  I will try to solve that mystery as well…

‘Tis the season: McRib to return Dec. 17

Published December 04, 2012

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Prepare yourselves: the McRib is coming back!

The barbecue sandwich, which has developed a cult, is making its way back to McDonald’s restaurants all over the country in a mere two weeks, the company announced on Monday.

The sandwich was originally scheduled to burst back onto the fast food scene on Oct. 22, but the McPowers that be decided to hold the McRib’s temporary comeback until December to help four-quarter sales. And Mickey D’s could certainly use the boost. McDonald’s revealed last month that sales fell for the first time since 2003. 

The elusive McRib is only available a few weeks a year, which contributes to its popularity.   

“Bringing it back every so often adds to the excitement,” said Marta Fearon, McDonald’s U.S. marketing director, told the Associated Press back in October 2011.

The McRib is made with pork shaped like a rack of ribs and doused with barbecue sauce topped with picked and onions on a bun. And it can once again be yours on Dec. 17. In the meantime, there is always to McRib Locator map.

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2 responses to “McRib Coming Back

  1. I am equally repulsed and excited.


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