Nerd Gingerbread Art

Being a penultimate nerd myself, I would love any of these.  I also love gingerbread, so eating them would be nice too.

20 Deliciously Geeky Pieces Of Gingerbread Art

All I want for Christmas is to stuff these all in my face.

Donna Dickens BuzzFeed Staff
1. AT-AT – “Star Wars”
AT-AT - "Star Wars"

2. The Weasley’s Home – “Harry Potter”

The Weasley's Home - "Harry Potter"

3. Beginner House – “Minecraft”

Beginner House - "Minecraft"

4. Flynn’s Arcade – “Tron”

Flynn's Arcade - "Tron"

5. Minas Tirith – “Lord Of The Rings”

Minas Tirith - "Lord Of The Rings"

6. Bruce Wayne Manor – “Batman”

Bruce Wayne Manor - "Batman"
Source: hendelopticon

7. Ewok Village – “Star Wars’

Ewok Village - "Star Wars'

8. Hogwarts – “Harry Potter”

Hogwarts - "Harry Potter"

9. Companion Cube – “Portal”

Companion Cube - "Portal"

10. Emperor Arrives – “Star Wars”

Emperor Arrives - "Star Wars"

11. Steampunk Dragon – None

Steampunk Dragon - None

12. Peach’s Castle – “Super Mario 64”

Peach's Castle - "Super Mario 64"

13. Hobbit Hole – “Lord Of The Rings”

Hobbit Hole - "Lord Of The Rings"

14. Jack’s House – “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Jack's House - "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

15. TARDIS and Dalek – “Doctor Who”

TARDIS and Dalek - "Doctor Who"

16. Aperture Science Test Chamber – “Portal”

Aperture Science Test Chamber - "Portal"

17. Sandcrawler – “Star Wars”

Sandcrawler - "Star Wars"

18. Hagrid’s Hut – “Harry Potter”

Hagrid's Hut - "Harry Potter"

19. K-9 – “Doctor Who”

K-9 - "Doctor Who"

20. Serenity – “Firefly”

Serenity - "Firefly"


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5 responses to “Nerd Gingerbread Art

  1. This such an amazing collection of pics! Gingerbread innovation. Now we’re hungry (and inspired)!


  2. ameliawestcott

    I especially love the Ewok village, Steampunk dragon, TARDIS and the “Firefly”. Very cool art!


  3. Very impressed with the Wesley house! Structurally amazing, and making me very hungry…


  4. pfingstrose

    These are amazing!!! Great collection 🙂


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