Come By the Wild Wild West Con 2 Tomorrow and Say Hello!

Friday, March 8th, 2013, I will be appearing as a guest at Wild Wild West Con 2, the only Steampunk only Con at an actual 1880s theme park.  Old Tucson Studios, the site of over 300 movies and TV shows, will be hosting the event for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It is hosted by the great folks at the Arizona Steampunk Society who have put tons of work into it.  A shout out to Diana, Jason and Noe and to the hundreds of others working to make this a fun and exciting weekend event.

Thanks to their gracious invitation, I will be there Friday, on a panel at 2 pm discussing writing steampunk, steampunk themes in literature and indie publishing.  Joining me on the panel are author/publisher/magazine editor Patti Hulstrand, and author/cover designer/computer whiz Chris Wilke.  Please stop by not only to see us, but all the great costumes, events, performances and live bands.  Here is a link:


Unfortunately, due to still recovering from recent medical procedures, I will only be able to attend the first day.  I will not have a vendor booth, but will be available briefly before and after the panel to sign copies of my Steampunk and other books.  You will also get to see me as my alter ego, dressed in 1880s western steampunk garb.  It is sure to be a great day for you and all you bring.  Lots of fun, and a unique experience.

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