Epic Meltdown

Local Arizona restaurant – Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro – Is slated to be on Kitchen Nightmares on TV with Gordon Ramsey.  First, if I own a restaurant, why would I want to be on Kitchen Nightmares?  Second, the owners are so wacko that even Gordon Ramsey and his crew walked out.  The show aired last Friday, basically with them packing up and saying you guys are too psycho to work with.  So, what then?

crazy cooks

In an epic meltdown, as if the horrible publicity were not already enough, the owners start flaming their own customers in social media.  On Facebook, on Yelp, on Reddit…  They get more bizarre as they go.  It is a great example of what NOT to do EVER when you are in business.  If they had offered to have a Yelp night, or FB or Reddit night, they could have invited their haters for a free meal and settled things down.  But noooooo….   For a good laugh, read the link below:  (warning: their language gets worse as they go.)



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