Movie Review – World War Z

Warning – Some Spoilers.  My movie review on World War Z for The WOD Magazine.

World War Z

Movie Review By Michael Bradley

I was looking forward to seeing World War Z after the trailers on television.  The thought of Brad Pitt bringing his resources to a film along with “fast zombies” looked interesting.  Unfortunately, the trailers are more exciting than the film.  In summary, you get to see lots of close ups of Brad Pitt wondering what to do next, amazingly convenient plot devices, and zombies that had me laughing at several points during the movie, along with others in the audience.


It is not that Brad Pitt acts poorly in the film, but there is absolutely no character development.  He has a family he cares about that his friends use to blackmail him into helping them.  How is that for a story?  His character is some vague UN investigator, leaving you to wonder if he was para-military, medical, just good at mysteries, or what?  The movie never really explains what his expertise is in.

The beginning is the best, and even slightly scary, as zombies attack with lightning speed and people turn in just twelve seconds.  It gets you fired up for an action packed thriller that never happens.  Instead, Brad Pitt is so important, though we never find out why, that they break out all resources to rescue him.  After that, he whisks magically to Korea, Israel and Cardiff despite the world falling apart.  In each place he observes a few people un-attacked.  The story is so linear that you know at each point he will get a clue, move on, and solve the problem.

There are so many plot holes but one bares mention above the others.  Israel has managed to heed early warnings and protect its people behind a huge wall and track entrants through controlled ports of entry.  Do they bother to have even one guard or weapon on the walls?  Of course not, let’s not notice the zombies until they are jumping over.

After he and his friend along the way magically survive an aircraft crash and then magically find a WHO research center while both wounded, he gets a revelation why the zombies don’t attack certain people.  One that there is absolutely no reason for him to come up with based on the movie.  What follows includes zombies that squawk comically like chickens and one that clicks its teeth like Fire Marshal Bill from In Living Color.  At both points the audience was actually laughing out loud.

After that, Brad Pitt’s character magically communicates his vaccine around the world despite a dead satellite phone, UN personnel around the world put together the cure despite worldwide crisis, and Brad Pitt is picked up and taken across the Atlantic to be with his family.  It was the least scary zombie film ever and one of the most poorly written mystery/adventure films as well.  The movie’s earlier action scenes are entertaining, but overall the film is a disappointment.



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6 responses to “Movie Review – World War Z

  1. This is exactly how I felt about the movie as well: disappointed. I have not read the book and don’t know much about it other than zombies are in it. As far as books-to-movies go, even if I do know the source material, I do not expect much.

    I was so into the movie for the first ~30 minutes with all the building up of clues and theories, even if a bit see-through and very little to no character development to speak of, but then I was very disappointed when it seemed as if they gave up making an actual movie in favor of an ‘action summer blockbuster with ZOMBIES! Because, you know, ZOMBIES!’

    I would not outright stop others from going to see it, but I would advise against spending extra for 3D and/or IMAX. Not that there aren’t some good graphics and visuals, it is not enough to justify it. A plain old big screen would be enough. If you are debating on seeing it in theaters at all, wait to rent it. A good home theater system will deliver the same effect. The only real reason for seeing it in the theaters is to see the zombie hordes and few explosions on a bigger screen. Seriously, that’s it.


    • Michael Bradley

      Yeah, as a moviegoer in Phoenix, I don’t mind seeing movies like this in the air conditioning. I did see the 3D version and other than a couple of jumping out at your cliche scare tactics, the 3D did not add to it. So, as a movie goer I was ho-hum, but as a movie critic, I can’t really recommend it. There are a lot of bad movies that are still kind of fun to see.


  2. I’m inclined to agree with your review. But I still liked it more than “Man of Steel”.


    • Michael Bradley

      I enjoy going to the movies even if I see a mediocre film. Most people go out with friends, a date, have popcorn and soda, maybe catch a bite to eat, get to relax, and so they remember that positive experience. I always see movies with other people and ask them their impressions first. Then when I take the movie apart, it’s like they don’t disagree, but they don’t want to give up the enjoyment they had. So, I tell them, it is great to have a good time at the movies even if the movie is not that good. It is just harder to separate the two impressions.


      • As much as I enjoy going to the movies, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to enjoy the experience. the expense and the absolute rudeness of the general public make me want to wait for the DVD and watch it at home.


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