Fellow Author Releases Novel

I met Colin James while attending the West Valley Writers’ Workshop in Avondale, Arizona.  Colin has a number of works and has just released his first novel – Lord Alf.  Here is a picture of Colin James, his bio, a picture of his new novel, a link to Amazon if you wish to purchase it or check it out, and the book description.

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colin james

Colin James

Colin James, an Englishman by birth and a Yorkshireman by the grace of the gods, who emigrated to the U.S back in 2001, is a happily married man with two terrible children. After various junctures in New Mexico and New York he and his family are now settled in Arizona. The career path he has followed has taken him from the ranks of the British Army (R.E.M.E.) to the tops of Austrian mountains as a ski guide. A former engineering professional in the semi-conductor industry, he currently runs a successful window cleaning company in sunny Phoenix. As well as helping the local population to see through clean glass, he is a writer, author, and blogger.

A 3rd year student of English literature at Arizona State University and a member of the WEST VALLEY WRITERS WORKSHP Colin has already been published in several on line literary magazines including ‘THE FRONT PORCH’ and ‘AT THE BIJOU’. His work has appeared in print at ‘THE STARVING ARTIST’ and he has received accolades in several prestigious writing competitions. A rising literary star of the future his first novel LORD ALF is completed.

To date Colin has published three books which are available at AMAZON. COM

lord alf


The hammer is poised, the metal is hot and the atmosphere in the auditorium is electric. The boys burst through the dry ice, on to the stage, and into their routine. Tennyson’s charge comes alive; a hoof-thundering dash of British humor, classic literature, wailing guitars, and schoolboy inadequacy.

It’s the end of the school year, exams are finished, and Jake and his mates are going out with a bang. The sixth form ‘Blast’ is ahead of them as the lads prepare for one final blow out. Ending their time at ‘Woldcroft Comprehensive’ and taking their rightful place in the annals of high-school history before disappearing to leafy college nowheres. They have practiced, they are word perfect, the act is finely tuned, and they sort of look the part!

‘Lord Alf’ traces the experiences not only of the boys’ performance, but of a soldier who actually rode in the charge, Tennyson himself, and his creation ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade.’ The story unfolds in the corridors of an English secondary school with all the foibles of a depressed Thatcher Britain. It takes us across the battlefields of the Crimea, placing the reader in the center of the charge, and walks the reader through the streets of Victorian England.

‘Lord Alf’ documents the quirks of British adolescence in a dwindling age of empire, a riveting story which shows depth, historical nuance, emotion and humor. It highlights the wastage of war and compares and contrasts the social issues of Victorian England with the modern age.

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