My Life – Or at Least Close…

This is a cartoon panel from The Oatmeal.  It really does depict all to well the life of a a writer/comic book writer/internet blogger pretty closely.  Warning:  It includes both profanity and using the Lord’s name in vain, neither of which are me, but still… I hope you will see both the humor and the nailing it on the head of this panel:

The schedule part is especially true.  Close friends know that my normal body schedule is to sleep from 4 am to Noon.  When I joke about getting up at the crack of Noon, they think I am lazy.  But it is only 8 hours I argue, to which they roll their eyes and walkaway.  They always wonder if my computer time clock is off when they receive emails or projects from me at 3:10 am, or like yesterday morning when I sent in a consulting project at 5:35 am when I finished it.

I like working at night.  It’s peaceful and nothing interrupts you.  Nothing like getting a pot of fresh ground coffee into you around 10 pm and knocking out 10,000 words of brilliant night time prose.

My wife used to be a morning person, but now that we are both retired, the poor woman is getting more on my schedule.  I used to be able to watch her fall asleep around 9 pm despite her best efforts.  Then I would take her to bed, kiss her good night, then go and write.  It looked like this:

good night


Now that she stays up playing on her insomnia inducing Kindle Fire, she gets to watch me:

writing at night


Ok, maybe I look more like Jabba the Hutt than a Saint writing deep thoughts, but there wasn’t a picture of Jabba the Hutt writing novels on a keyboard on Google Images, so you will just have to use your imagination.

Besides, Jabba the Hutt has been working out:

jabba the hutt



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3 responses to “My Life – Or at Least Close…

  1. Good post. I like the Oatmeal comic too. Though I’m not a prolific or professional writer, I like to dabble in writing and various art forms so there’s plenty I can relate to there.


  2. That pretty much covers it!


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