Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield – The Story Behind the Picture

Sophia vs Jayne: The OTHER Photos behind that Sideways Glare

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I had always thought Sophia’s disapproving look in this iconic photograph taken by Delmar Watson was a perfectly captured moment of female jealousy. Mansfield to me was the carefree blonde and Loren, the feisty brunette. But of course, most of us have only seen this moment from one angle. There were other photographs taken that night in 1957 that give a little more context to Sophia’s infamous sideways glare…

In April 1957, Hollywood was hosting a dinner party in honour of the Italian actress, Sophia Loren at the Romanoff’s. American actress, Jayne Mansfield had been invited and was sitting between Loren and Clifton Webb. At one point she leaned over the table, allowing her breasts to spill over her low neckline, exposing one nipple. From where Sophia was sitting, she had quite a view…

Sophia’s face below is also priceless!

Alas, the slip was absolutely intentional and became the feature of a notorious publicity stunt intended to deflect attention from the Italian star. The press dubbed it, ‘the Battle of the Bulge’. But this wasn’t the first ‘nipple slip’ publicity stunt for the Hollywood star. Two years earlier she had posed for Playboy and her carefully staged public accidents became a rather expected occurrence. She had nevertheless, come a long way from the times when the prominence of her breasts led her to lose professional roles…

Oh Jayne…!


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6 responses to “Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield – The Story Behind the Picture

  1. Oh, that is sooo precious!! 🙂


  2. Bick

    Who wouldn’t look sideways at those breasts? Sophia had nothing to worry about. Her dark Italian looks and fantastic figure outdid Jayne…and she had 50 awards in her lifetime. She also lives on, not only in life but in imagination…as a goddess.


    • Richard Quartrees

      At first one sees only Sophia’s forbidding structure and Mansfield’s relative paucity of substance to match it, but further study indicates that Mansfield, a shameless purveyor of her own parts, knew both what she had and what she could, with a bit of planning, do with it. This picture shows Ms. Loren checking the competition and concluding that ounce for ounce vs. Sophia’s pound for pound, Jayne was not only no pushover, but set in motion, an art Sophia knew well, packed rather a wallop all her own.


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