Are Kia Soul Ads Racist?

Is it only me that finds the Kia Soul commercials racist? First, they name it the Soul, then they had rats driving around an urban hood, dressed with hoodies and backward caps, listening to rap music. The recent commercials show them working out, then putting on the ritz. I don’t know…If I named a car Soul, and made it all about being cool in the hood, I would NOT use rodents to depict the people. And people had a problem with a Chihauhua as spokesman for Taco Bell? Just saying.



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6 responses to “Are Kia Soul Ads Racist?

  1. Actually, I think they were hamsters. I thought they were funny commercials and I grew up in the hood. A lot of people listened to rap music, dressed like that and skin color had nothing to do with it. It’s a lifestyle choice people make and Kia was trying to appeal to the lifestyle.


    • Michael Bradley

      They were definitely hamsters. So you did not take offense? My wife thought the commercials were just cute as well. Somehow, I feel like portraying people as rodents is demeaning, especially since I think of KIA as a Korean company that is probably unaware or uncaring about the racial undertones. The Nazis started by comparing Jews to rodents and I kind of felt the same here, without the malicious intent.


      • I didn’t see it as portraying people as rodents, it was hamsters acting like humans. Kind of like watching “The Rescuers down under” or some other cartoon movie. Should French people be offended because Disney used a rat to represent a French cook in Ratatouille? Should Africans be offended that Disney portrayed them as a monkey and other animals in Lion King (Rafiki is one of my favorite Disney character)?

        My concern is that there are real serious cases of racism in the world, and here in America, that get marginalized because imaged instances of racism catch headlines.

        And I hope you know that I am not belittling your feelings. If you have black skin and were offended by the commercial, by all means do not buy a Kia Soul, I wouldn’t if I felt they offended me. I am only stating the opinion of one average American.

        Good topic of conversation. Thank you for bringing it up. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


      • Michael Bradley

        I appreciate the comments. I never get offended and I welcome your perspective. You agree with my wife, so maybe I am wrong. I still don’t get why a chihuahua, a Mexican dog, was considered racist saying Mexican food of a sort, at Taco Bell, was good. Thanks, it seems as if I am the only one that felt weird watching the KIA adds.


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  3. Donna Davis

    I think you are reading WAY too much into it. If you want to look at it differently, perhaps think about how popular they’ve become and how most people LOVE the hell out of them.


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