Congratulations to My Oklahoma Sooners!

Sorry all you Cowboy fans, but congratulations to my Oklahoma Sooners alma mater on winning in the last twenty seconds in the Bedlam Bowl!  We started the year with a rookie QB who went down with an injury, then started The Bell Dozer, who had been our short yardage RB at QB till he was hurt.  Then our starter came back, got hurt again, then Bell and our third stringer QB switched off to eke out a win.  Go team!  15 of 17 years with ten wins or more!


My alma mater list is actually quite long:

OU – Masters in Economics – Specializing in Managerial Finance

Roosevelt University – Bachelors’ in Computer Science – Specializing in Management Information Systems

Chaminade University, Hawaii Pacific College, University of Hawaii, University of the Pacific, Porterville College (all so I could take 21 units per semester)

Community College of the Air Force – Electronic Engineering – Specializing in Aeronautics

Of course, only OU gives me as much to cheer for sports-wise lol.


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