Should Your Former or Current Political Views Cost You Your Job?

This is post is NOT about what you believe about issues or agree with others.  It IS about whether you want to live in a world where you can lose your job for mainstream political beliefs that are later unpopular.


Case in point – Last week, Brendan Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla under pressure after his support of California’s ban on gay marriage surfaced. In 2008, he made a $1,000 contribution supporting Proposition 8.

There is no evidence of Brendan Eich discriminating or persecuting gays or lesbians.  When in 2008, he donated $1,000 to a California traditional marriage proposition, not only did 2/3 of Californians agree and pass the proposition, but at the time, Barack Obama publicly stated his own opposition to same sex marriage.  (For the record, I don’t think government should be involved in marriage at all, nor should anyone use the government to keep others from living the way they wish, because today it is them, tomorrow it will be you.)


The point is, it was a private donation to a mainstream position – wrong or right – held by our President at the time and 2/3 of Californians.  Under campaign disclosure laws, someone looked it up, started a boycott and protest, and now the CEO of Mozilla resigned and is gone.  What if he had supported the opposition to the proposition and was pro-gay marriage and forced to resign?  Would that also be ok?

What causes have you supported throughout your life?  What petitions have you signed, organizations you have joined, money you have donated to charities?  Would you want something from your past that was done due to your personal belief and mainstream at the time to cause you to lose your job and career?


In my opinion, it is just as wrong for people to persecute gays and lesbians in the past as it is for those groups who are now succeeding to persecute those who opposed them.  Should we implement slavery for white people to make up for the past slavery of black people?  Do we want to live in a country where the victorious take revenge on those they formerly disagreed with on a political issue to the point of taking away their ability to make a living?

Am I wrong about this?  I have been wrong before.  Still, if I am wrong, where does it stop?  Is it winner take all where once you are on top you squash the enemy?  I think that is not the way to live.  Why not be graceful in our victories and give former foes time to become future friends?


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2 responses to “Should Your Former or Current Political Views Cost You Your Job?

  1. I’m retired, but not outside of the impact of incivility in the political world.

    The nastiness of the 2012 presidential election cost me a few friends because I didn’t support the candidate they chose. (They were idiots, of course, and I was brilliantly prescient…! Or was it the other way around?)

    The whole business was — and — is ridiculous.

    This time around, I’ll keep my opinions to myself. On the other hand, I will ask others to keep their damn opinions to themselves, too! If we can’t discuss things civilly, then I am not interested.

    We seem not to have the maturity in this country to handle honest differences in how we see the country should go on many issues.


    • Michael Bradley

      I worked in politics for over twenty years, spending half my time working for Democrats and half for Republicans. I ran over 150 political campaigns, 93% victorious, for Reps, Dems and Ind. I served as senior staff, including Chief of Staff for the Speaker of the House, and spent years as owner of my own lobbying consulting firm. Having worked so long for so many, I know that if you get rid of everyone who ever disagrees with you on something important, you will have no one left…


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