Rough Spots…

We all have rough spots in our lives.  For me, I am in one.  I don’t usually whine or talk about myself if I can help it.  So forgive this exception…

First, it is 113 degrees in Phoenix, which is freaking hot, and our last electricity bill was $650 and will be higher for the next two or three months…

untitled (12)

Second, our three dogs have all been sick.  Our 18 year old dog was walking like a letter C.  We had to get her cortisone injections and x-rays.  Her liver is also failing.  Now she has a mystery splotch growing on her spine.  So she goes back tomorrow.  Meanwhile, her furry brothers got the flu or a cold.  Shaking, cold then hot, listless, have to be held…

untitled (3)

Third, my wife took my car without telling me.  Hers apparently has an air conditioner on the fritz and she had scheduled it for the shop.  I don’t like her driving my car because it is a six speed high compression sports car and she drives an automatic.  I worry she will have issues shifting and hit something.  Instead, a tire blew out.  So, my car was in the shop for a few days to get my custom tires imported from Japan and installed for just under $1,000.  Meanwhile, her car is in and out of the shop, fixed twice for around $400 and still not having the A/C work, goes back on Friday…


Fourth, my ongoing osteo-necrosis has been cropping up again with severe pain in the neck and back…  Physical therapy three times per day for two hours each for six weeks has it down a bit, but this week it decided to be ugly again and get back to the 7 out of 10 scale at times…


Fifth, pain reduces my work day (I know I am supposed to be retired…).  However, as an author, writer for magazines, and consultant, this is a busy time of year for me.  The consulting especially is pretty heavy right now.  That leaves me working in pain and feeling zero creativity.

untitled (2)

Sixth, my main computer is still having memory issues.  Somehow it keeps putting temp files to my solid state boot up drive which only has 40 gig memory, instead of my hard drive which has 2 Terrabytes of unused space…  Meaning I work more off my laptop, which can’t handle graphics without restarting every 30 minutes and drops my typing speed from 100 wpm down to about 25 wpm.

Finally, unexpected expenses like cars, dogs, extreme early summer weather, medical, etc., have taken their toll on my retirement reserves.

That is my complaining for now.  Perhaps I should look at my cute dog picture posts…  How was your week?








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  1. I’ve had a no-drama week. Nice!


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