Two Friends of Mine, Both Just 23, Fighting Cancer, Please Help!

Two young people I know, Kyle and Victoria, seemed to have everything.  Kyle worked with his family at the local coffee shop and cafe Hob Nob’s.  A smart, great-looking guy, buff and witty, who reminded me of my own son.  Victoria the smart, sweet, gorgeous young model with all-American girl next door looks.

Then, this year, both found they had serious cancer.  I get updates on Kyle from his family and he has suffered dramatic surgery for soft tissue carcinoma.  He seemed fine one day, then he ended up having much of his chest and ribs removed with cancer.  He is now going through extensive chemo and radiation treatments.  His brother shaved his head in support of Kyle, who has lost his hair.

Victoria had a small spot her on leg.  It turned out to be melanoma that had already metastasized.  She is in and out of the hospital and going through all sorts of suffering.  Still, she is reaching out to help others with awareness.

I don’t usually do this, but:

1) if you are in metro-Phoenix, stop by Hob Nobs and buy a Kyle-strong bracelet.

2) Please go to the donation site below to donate to help Victoria and also watch her video.  Thanks.

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