Hard Times

On Monday, our 30th Wedding Anniversary, I kissed and hugged my wife Becky, told I would see her in a few hours, and went off to a business meeting.  When I returned, she was gone.  She left and we are getting divorced.  The situation is not at all what any of you would speculate.  I love her very much and find it difficult to exist without her.  As a result, my posts have been non-existent for awhile.  I ask for your prayers and good thoughts as I go through the worst experience in my life, which is saying quite a bit.



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3 responses to “Hard Times

  1. I’m very sorry to see this and you certainly have good thoughts coming your way.


  2. Mark Tunnell

    In my thoughts and prayers Michael.


  3. I’m so sorry, Michael. My best to you now and always.


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