And…Here is why I am accused of being racist and anti-handicapped people…

Despite the fact that I myself am a disabled veteran and handicapped with a bone disease where I have fake bones, apparently, one joke makes me hate handicapped people.  This is it:


That’s right, I laugh at stick figures without arms.  I am a hater.

This next joke I posted is why I am racist.  They have never seen The Walking Dead apparently, and don’t understand the message is that African-Americans are over represented in prison and treated unfairly in the justice system and in movies, where they are often the first to be killed off on screen.  Ok, here it is…


The reporter sounds nice so I hope they see the ridiculousness in this political attempt to discredit me.  However, papers rarely write stories saying they looked into something and there was no reasonable basis, nor do they research something and simply not print a story.  Here is hoping they show some reason after researching the “offensive” posts.

I have over 1.3 million hits now on this website and nearly 20,000 posts, many of which have many, many jokes and cosplay pictures.  Frankly, this is the best my enemies can come up with?  Probably not.  I have over half a century of living.  I am sure I’ve done something stupid along the line…

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