Arizona Republic posts more Racy and Offensive Cosplay Pictures

That’s right, I should be fired for posting cosplay pictures according to the Arizona Republic, as they hypocritically choose Jessica Nigri and Lindsay Elyse to judge a cosplay contest that they are hosting to make money off of cosplayers…

I love the cosplayers involved, including both judges, but when you vote at the following site, please feel free to let them know what a bunch of jerks the Arizona Republic are for being hypocrites…


Here are some of their pics – I am wondering who they will fire for posting them… Cleavage, short skirts and midriffs, oh my…!

I voted for #21 btw… I know a lot of you, but I really like Tia Dworshak’s Night Elf cosplay.  Sorry guys, she is married to a huge and intimidating guy and has a cute kid.  You are out of luck…

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