My July 4th Meal

For those who know me best, I do gourmet cooking as a hobby, but I’ve also been going through the worst time in my life the last eight months and still not through it.  So it had been almost a year since I did gourmet style cooking.  On July 3rd, I finally felt well enough to be creative and treated a young lady to a personal meal.  We used a fake candle because it was like 110 degrees here in Phoenix, Arizona.

The menu:

Stilton Cheese and Apricots; Antipasto; and Lavosh starter

Mediterranean Salad with baby greens, Danjou Pears, Black Grapes, Rosemary encrusted walnut halves, vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, and Rasberry sauce.

Fresh grilled Atlantic Salmon encrusted with Thyme, Dill and Sage lovingly presented on a bed of fresh four cheese Tortellini with Roasted Garlic Alfredo sauce.

Cupcake formed Cherry Cheesecakes with Truffle Chocolate Medallions, served with Hazelnut Piroulline, Maraschino cherries in glazee, strawberry sauce and a curl of Raspberry Cheesecake Gellato.


So, skipping my usual fair of hot dogs and hamburgers, I had to suffer through eating the leftovers…  🙂

Today, they are cooking for me…


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