I have no phone – no text – seriously!

My smart phone lobotomized itself early this morning.

My smart phone has come up with the message “Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Operating System now or later?”  for a week.  I press not now, set it for 3 am.  Finally, I noticed a button that says, “Update automatically at 3 am.”  This morning, it still said it was updating.  The phone rings, but I can’t answer it, just a black screen.

So, this afternoon I get to Verizon.  It died an ignominious death.  I have everything backed up to the Cloud and I have insurance so they are sending me a free replacement but it won’t arrive until Saturday or even Monday.

The point is this…  If you try to call me or text me, I’m not ignoring you.  My phone is kaput.  I will NOT get your messages for the next few days, even when I get my new phone, because only things from an hour ago and older are on the Cloud.  I apologize for any inconvenience to others.


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