The Postal Service…Sigh…

Yesterday was Veterans Day and the USPS was closed.  My roommate wanted to mail something, but all the postal service locations and offices were closed.  So, driving over to eat lunch, to what would our wandering eyes appear but a postal truck delivering gear…

I finally caught up with the truck, wondering if it was stolen, going to maintenance, or what the heck?  The driver told me they were delivering for Amazon Prime.  That’s right, your postal service is not taking care of you on Veterans Day, even though you pay the majority of their costs – but they ARE delivering on holidays for their contract with Amazon Prime.

Why is a federal agency running private sector contracts?  Why is it we have a postal service at all?  Historically, the postal service was created to help with military communications.  Perhaps if they can help Amazon but not taxpayers, the time to privatize is long past…


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