Rare Pink Dolphin Might Be Pregnant

Pinky the pink dolphin
Caters News Agency Ltd

Pregnancy rumors are swirling around one of the world’s few pink bottlenose dolphins.

Affectionately named Pinky, the blush-colored creature was first spotted in 2007 in Louisiana’s Calcasieu Lake by charter boat captain Erik Rue.

“It was absolutely, stunningly pink,” Rue said in a 2009 interview. “I had never seen anything like it. It’s the same color throughout the whole body. It looks like it just came out of a paint booth.”

In the eight years that have since passed, Pinky has been spotted on multiple occasions,according to WGNO. It was only recently, however, that Rue said he witnessed Pinky engaging in mating behavior:

It’s unclear exactly why Pinky is so brilliantly pink. Many believe that the dolphin is an albino, only 14 of which have been reported worldwide, according to the Washington Examiner. Some conflicting reports, however, suggest that she suffers from a genetic disorder.

Two other dolphin species — the Chinese white dolphin (Sousa chinensis) and the Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) — are colloquially known as pink dolphins, although neither species is quite as stunningly pink-hued as Pinky.

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