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Cosplayers Having Fun!

Cosplay is short for costume players, people who vary from dressing up on non-Halloween, to those who make cosplay a lifestyle.  They tend to be nice, generous, smart, fun-loving and charitable people.  Here are random shots of some cosplayers.  They dress up as comic book characters, steampunk, anime, manga, movie characters and even original characters of their own.  If you have not tried this adult dress up fun, you are missing out.

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Cara Nicole aka AZ Power Girl to Appear on Alternative History Anthology Cover

We completed a photo shoot with the ever so nice and friendly Cara Nicole yesterday.  For a person with such fame and a busy schedule, I was very impressed with her down to Earth nice personality and her commitment to local charities and the local arts community.  She will be appearing as a vampire on the cover of the anthology as one of the characters in the short story compilation.  Expect the book out in early March.  We also hope to be able to promote this and other works of the local community of writers in the upcoming conventions and in bookstores near you.  Please give a warm thanks to Cara Nicole for her awesome support to our local author’s community!  Thanks!

We are still finalizing the book name so if you have any ideas, post them here as a comment.  This book is being published by Michael Bradley and has a wide variety of local authors participating.  It will be available both in Kindle format and in print version.

For those few who don’t know about Cara Nicole already, here is a picture of her at Phoenix Comic Con in her AZ Power Girl outfit.

You will have to wait for the cover until the book comes out.  Sorry everyone, it’s still in the edit phase.

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