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Must See On Global Warming

I have an earlier post on global warming in which I express my personal views on the topic.  I believe the Earth cools and warms and has dramatic shifts, but do not believe we have reached the point where as humans are we are able to significantly impact this.  Others I respect totally believe in a crisis, while others think climate change is a myth created to help form a global government.  Every show I have seen, except one, takes one extreme or the other.

It was with surprise I saw a very balanced documentary and discussion of the issue:


cool it

It is called “Cool It”.  The documentarians believe in global warming and that it is man-made.  They also believe we need to take immediate action.  So, given I disagree, why would I like it? Well, quite frankly, it is upbeat and talks about all the current and future technology underway in a very sensible and optimistic way I find refreshing.  I encourage everyone to watch the documentary, whatever your position on it is.

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