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That Croissant You Eat Is a Political/Religious Statement

Most people do not realize that the Croissant is Austrian, not French.  It was made in the shape of a crescent to celebrate the Austrian victory over the Turks.  The Turks, being Muslims, had the crescent, or “croissant”, on their flag.  The bread was made as a mockery of them.

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Ottoman Empire Battle Flag during Vienna siege Era

History majors might know that the Muslims came close to conquering the world.  They took over part of India, moved and took over the Middle East, then North Africa, then the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).  They were stopped in Western Europe by an army of the Franks (now France).  They conquered most of Eastern Europe, fought Russia, took over the Byzantine Empire, changing Constantinople to Istanbul and changing the churches back to Islamic Mosques.  In the east, they were besieging the city of Vienna when they were finally stopped.

Over the years, Spain and Portugal were reclaimed in the “Reconquista” the Crusades in the west of Europe few Americans know about.  The famous character “El Cid” comes from this time period.  In Western Europe, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russians made some inroads but it was not until after European colonization in North Africa and the end of World War 1 that the Ottoman Empire was broken up.

So the next time you eat a croissant, remember, it is celebrating the defeat of Muslim invaders.  It is the same as if the Taliban started making cross-shaped Pita breads, or Iran made six-sided star pastries.  Isn’t history strange?

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The history of “Croissants”
The first production of a Croissant dates back to 1683. That year, Austria was under siege by the Turkish Empire. In Vienna, the Turkish assailant found that time was slipping past and decided to dig an underground tunnel to enter the city. The Vienna bakers, the majority of whom worked underground, heard noises and called in the army. The Turks were discovered and retreated. 

The bakers were thanked and honored and they decided to make bread in the shape of a crescent moon (the symbol of the Turkish flag) and the croissant was born. One hundred years later, Marie Antoinette (Austrian Princess who married Louis XVI), introduced the croissant to the French Aristocrats.

It was only at the start of this century that the butter puff croissant was created, and became the French national product in 1920. Source: http://www.lagourmandise.net/history.htm





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Smart Faith Conference

If discussion of religious belief bothers you, skip this post.

Are you a Christian, a questioning believer or an agnostic?  I don’t want to preach to you at all.  But many of us Christian believers are also scientific and still believe completely.  In this world, people of faith are increasingly viewed as backward for their beliefs.  If you want an honest examination of these issues and want to hear them discussed, some fellow Steampunk fans of mine, Davina White and Kathleen Hill told me of a great conference coming up.  The Smart Faith Conference exams Christianity in a world of science that makes some question their faith.

It will be the evening of June 7th, and all day June 8th here in Phoenix, Arizona.


If you read this blog, you know I am heavily into science, astrophysics and ancient history.  I have three science degrees, one in computer science, one in electronic engineering and one in economics.  I write both science fiction and science fact columns for magazines.  Everyone finds themselves asking why am I here?  Is this all there is?  What happens when I die?  All of science and faith comes down to one question – Did it just happen, or was their a Designer, a Creator?  To me, both theories are unprovable and the science supports both.  (Which my reasoning could be a whole book.)  My son is studying to become a bio-chemical engineer and we had a very good discussion.  He is at the age where he questions his faith.  He is young, in college, taking science, all hostile to beliefs.  I was there, I know.

Do you believe what you believe because you grew up that way, or is it a rational thought?  Everyone has to decide for themselves.  Faith is a choice.  There will be no proof.  However, all I know leads me to think a Creator is more likely than random chance.  Many of my smart friends disagree with me.  If you are interested in hearing about “smart faith” I encourage you to register for this conference.



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