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Interview with Cosplayer Sara Moni

My Interview with awesome Sara Moni, coming up in an upcoming issue of The WOD Magazine.  If you need a cosplayer at your upcoming con, or a great model, you can’t beat having Sara Moni.  Please, no creeps, or I will find and will Liam Neeson your butt!  She is a professional and sweetheart.

Sara Moni Interview

MB: Today our interview is with Sara Moni, an outstanding young cosplayer. How long have you been into cosplay now, and what got you started?

SM:  I started really cosplaying in 2010, but I was making costumes and T-shirts before that. I’ve always liked superheroes and sci-fi and I love dressing up in costumes. It was inevitable.

MB: What are some of your favorite characters to cosplay?

SM:  I play so many that I love, but if I had to name two favorites, it would be Wasp and Sailor Pluto.

MB:  Do your cosplay choices match those you read and watch, or are there some differences?

SM:  Every character I cosplay I am a fan of, or the series that they came from. I never pick costumes just based on how they look.  Every time I dress up it’s as a fan.

MB:  I know you started as a Marvel girl. Are you all Marvel, or you like them all now?

SM:  I love Batman like everybody else LOL, but I just find that Marvel has more intriguing characters that I like and identify with. I’m starting to read more DC now though. I also like some Image and Dark Horse comics.

MB:  How many cons and events/photo shoots are you doing per year?

SM:  About ten or so cons and even more shoots!

MB:  What are some of your favorite events or locations?

SM:  Phoenix will always be number one!

MB: Do you make all your outfits and make-up or do you have some preferred helpers?

SM:  Yes I make it all, unless otherwise specified as a collaboration, and I do all my own make-up as well.

MB: You have a very exotic look. Does it help that you can pull off so many different looks?

SM:  Absolutely.  It helps being able to pull off whatever I need. It’s nice being a ringer for a character, but it’s in even more fun challenge to tackle something that is totally different, like my female frost giant.

MB: What are some of your best cosplay moments?

SM:  There are so many. My most recent was in Salt Lake City where a girl with autism said that I inspired her to cosplay. It almost made me cry!

MB: Do you cosplay just for fun, or do you have a store and blog site we can plug for you?

SM:  I definitely think you can do both as long as the fun dominates. My prints are at saramoni.storenvy.com and all of the proceeds from that go right back into my costumes. You can also find me on Facebook at Sara Moni Cosplay.

MB: I see you have worked with charities. Do you have a particular memorable experience from helping others?

SM:  I am an active member of the Arizona Avengers and when we have events for foster children or sick children there is nothing that can top seeing them smile.

MB: How safe do you feel at cons now? Is it safe to walk from parking lots in costume? Are the bigger crowds bringing out “touchy” people who break barriers they shouldn’t?

SM:  I feel very safe. I don’t put myself in sketchy situations in or out of costume. I always walk in a group and I do carry physical deterrents with me! Ha that’s the nice way of putting it.

MB: What advice do you have for people starting out?

SM:  Always remember why you started and don’t forget. When it stops being fun, it’s time to stop.

MB: Who would you like to give a shout out for being someone who helped you get started and friends you look forward to seeing at cons?

SM:  So many! The Arizona Avengers of course – my friends from high school that were cosplayers and any new people I meet that share the same fandoms that I do!

MB: Any upcoming projects or events we can see you at?

SM:  On Free Comic Book Day I will be at Drawn to Comics – and I am scheduled for several upcoming conventions.

MB: I saw a tweet from Nathon Fillion (Captain Malcom “Mal” Reynolds from Firefly) commending you on your cosplay of Inara Serra, his love interest on the show , was that an awesome moment? Are you planning to get a photo with him at Phoenix Comic Con?

SM:  It’s still surreal and I’ll still get twitter alerts from it now! I saw him at FanX but wasn’t able to talk to him. Hopefully at Phoenix I will!

NOTE:  Blog link to Inara Serra cosplay article on Sara Moni – http://www.bloglovin.com/viewer?post=2559828447&group=0&frame_type=a&blog=3888164&link=aHR0cDovL2Zhc2hpb25hYmx5Z2Vlay5jb20vY29zdHVtZXMvYS1nb3JnZW91cy1pbmFyYS1zZXJyYS1jb3NwbGF5Lw&frame=1&click=0&user=0


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