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Honeybee Reaches 40 mph with Me Today!

Ok, I love convertibles, the faster the better.  This is not a mid-life crisis.  I have always had fast convertibles, preferably bright yellow.  There was that awkward stage where I had to have normal cars because I had kids (most convertibles have only two seats).

So today, there I was at a stop light, when I notice a honeybee land on my car just outside my window.  It was threatening rain, so I had my cloth top up.  This might seem like a peculiar occurrence, but I quite often have bees land on my car, thinking it is the mother lode of all yellow flowers.

My car

My type of car.

With fascination, I watched my insect buddy as he made himself comfortable on my 12 coat paint job with slippery clear coat and wax.  How fast can I in fact go before my friend can no longer cling to such a slick and un-accommodating surface?  I was first in line, so I kick in the old 0-60 in less than 5 seconds quick shift with a roar of the engine.


Honey bee, thankfully larger than actual size…


One eye on the bee, one eye on my speedometer, the little guy made it to 40 mph before – whisk – off into the great blue yonder for my insect buddy.  How it held on until 40 mph I have no idea…


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