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Reason for Slow Posts

As those closest to me know, this has been a rough health year.  I developed asceptic osteo-necrosis from a reaction to asthma medication and had to have my hip, joint and part of my femur replaced.  While they were doing that operation, they found some other stuff.  As soon as I recovered enough from the first surgery, I had the second one ten days ago.  Two days ago I had to go back to the emergency room for some internal bleeding, swelling and pain.  I go back in again Wednesday for more check-up.  Today, the bleeding seems to have stopped and is being absorbed.  The pain has been ridiculous.  Morphine was not even controlling it when they injected me, so they put me on Dilaudid which I am told is six times as strong.  It is keeping the pain down, but also keeping me a bit on the fuzzy side.  Standing for more than five minutes and sitting for more than an hour are still a no-go for now.  Hopefully, this too shall pass in a week or two.  Until then, please accept my apologies for late posts and for delaying my next book.  I am in final edit, but don’t want to complete it on pain meds – probably would have some strange stuff in it lol.  The surgeries were both successful and should be my last for now.  Knock on wood.


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