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Our Hypocritical Neighbors – Poor Kids Being Trafficked to the US

I feel bad for Mexican citizens.  They have a great country, rich in resources, oil deposits, great beaches, and lots of hard working great people.  So how is it that Canada and the United States have so much prosperity and freedom while Mexicans who share our abundant North American continent continue to struggle?  It is not the people.  People of all races are equally gifted intellectually and physically.  It is not a lack of resources either, they don’t live in a barren desert.

Unfortunately, it is a long history of corrupt government where a few people control everything and the people suffer.  For years it was the communist party leadership, the military, and the drug lords.  Now it has shifted to a rich elite, petty officials and drug lords.  No wonder so many try to make it here to the United States where they succeed so much better.  I am for letting anyone in who has a job, is not a felon or terrorist, and is willing to work under a Visa or work towards becoming a citizen.  However, I am also for knowing everyone who comes in and what they are planning to do.

Here comes the hypocrisy – we have a Marine with PTSD who accidentally turns into Mexico, tells them, and yet gets arrested and still does not have a court date.  We are evil in the United States for wanting to know who enters our country, but the Mexican government puts people in prison who violate their borders and they are guilty until proven innocent.  On Mexico’s southern borders, immigrants from even poorer Central American countries are often raped, robbed, and then deported or imprisoned.

Coyotes, or human traffickers, often make as much as $5,000 per head to bring people to the United States.  Often they are held prisoner for more money after they arrive, or turned over to evil people, or left to die in the desert.  Over 50,000 children from Central America have now been allowed to drive through Mexico, unmolested, and even told by Mexican officials where to turn themselves in.  So, one Marine wanting to turn around gets arrested, but 50,000 kids in buses slip through unnoticed?  Of course not.  The coyotes are making around $250 million per month from these kids alone.  I am sure there is plenty for bribes.

Now we get poor kids, some with TB and other diseases.  Our federal government is dumping them all over the United States by plane and by bus.  What is going to happen to those poor children?  They are given a notice to appear in court.  Only 20% do appear.  Those take twelve to eighteen months to deport.  The other 80% disappear into our society.  Our federal government and the Mexican government are now some of the greatest human traffickers in history.  How many of those kids are going to be subject to sex crimes, poor education, and no healthcare?

I am Irish.  My people came here as immigrants, poor and hated.  I want immigrants.  I want Mexicans who want to come here and work hard and live the dream.  But something has to be done.  We need our “friends” in Mexico to cut off the bus traffic.  We need real border control.  We need streamlined immigration both for workers and those wishing to become citizens.  Without some sort of ordered process and control we are only seeing the beginnings of chaos which will harm those poor kids the most.


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