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Creepy or Not?

Philip Seymour Hoffman died in February of this year from a heroin overdose.  His last movie, A Most Wanted Man, based on the LaCarre spy thriller, came out a few days ago.  The trailers are running continuously.  I understand that the film makers need to go on and make their money back and show the film.  It might even be considered a tribute to Hoffman, who was an awesome actor and died well before his time.


However, it is a fine line to me between honoring and taking advantage of his death.  Trailers are designed on purpose, not by accident.  In this scene, Robin Wright says to Hoffman’s character, “All good men have a bit of bad in them.  Yours might end up getting you killed.”  Now I know this scene was filmed before his death, but why pick that one line to put in every trailer?  Creepy?  I think so…  It seems like the trailer/marketing folks intentionally are focusing on Hoffman and his death instead of the film itself in their marketing blitz.



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