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Very Strange Cakes

For your hump day amusement, a bizarre collection of well-crafted yet very strange cakes…

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Extreme Beards and Moustaches

Cool or strange?  You decide.

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Rifle Juggling

Personally, if I were to juggle firearms I think I would choose something smaller, like derringers, unloaded.  Instead, here in the late 1800’s of steampunk fame, we see the rifle juggler.  At first glance those look more like carbines than rifles, but the bayonets attached give it that extra air of danger.  I can but wonder if they were also loaded…

Late 1800s:

Juggling rifles


“As well as the comedians and singers, part of a music hall programme would include dancing, acrobatics or aerial acts. Novelty acts came in all shapes and sizes and might include any of the aforementioned skills, but with some unusual twist to make them more sensational or, as in this case more dangerous – the rifles have bayonets attached.”

– V&A


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