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Steampunk Murder Mystery Tonight!

We are gathering to find out who killed Arthur E. Faxe in 1897 in Egypt tonight as part of the Arizona Steampunk Society.  We are hosting at our humble estate.  Was it Terra Sunder?  Major General E.B. Sawtedd?  Lester A. Fayre?  Lady Melissa Lynke?  Anne T. Inkwitee?  Hamilton Mactorr?  Ashley R. Sonnyste? or Conrad Iver?  Tonight, 15 people will investigate the death and determine which of those eight people did the heinous crime.  Will much food and adult beverages be needed?  Definitely.  This event is by ticket only and is sold out, so unexpected visitors will be violated.

Tonight, I will be Lord Whyle A. Waye, and all dignity aside, here I am with my fox hunting horn:

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