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Phoenix Comic Con 2012 – A Happening Place

I went today and spent quite awhile with people I know in the various genre’s just hanging out.  It was busier than last year for a Friday.  Last year, on a Saturday, it was so busy it was hard to move at times and the fire marshal kept changing the exhibit areas to one in one out.  This year there is more space and the aisles are much wider as well.  Some of my display friends were complaining about new rules, like saying they would not dance by their exhibit- so it sounds as if some negotiations went on with the fire Marshall to prevent over crowding tomorrow.

Definitely an awesome event, the best in Arizona, and the best on the west coast you can get tickets for – ComicCon in San Diego had 250k tickets sell out in less than hour…sigh.  I did not have the presence at the event I had wished.  Preliminarily I planned to be on some panels and set up a table to two, but my hip surgery threw things off.  I know I looked normal to others, but felt like this myself:

Kind of crazy, as I was dressed normally and just using a walker, yes a walker, even with dark blue tennis balls on the back.  Still, nothing makes you feel older than walking around a ComicCon with geriatric devices.  I started to tell people I was dressed up as “Full Hip Replacement Man” a new test market graphic novel hero for the aging readers, with awesome wisdom of the years superpowers but with certain mobility limits.  I don’t think it helped much.

Anyway, I had a great time, but once again, eat and drink before you get there.  The food and drinks make theater pricing look cheap and hospital food tasty.  Over half the people today were in costume which made it more fun.  I might go all Steampunk on folks tomorrow.  No time to rub down the walker with bronze…sigh.  I also believe I will be doing a live podcast tomorrow from the event, so stay tuned!

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